European Trip – Getting to the airport, food, and the plane

As all trips do, we started from home and made it to the airport early.  As usual, I needed something to eat, so we stopped at a place next to the gate we were departing from.  This almost landed me in the hospital.  Not the best way to start at whirlwind trip out of the country for the first time, that is for sure.

Check-in and Security

We checked in.  The line was kinda long, but not that bad.  We brought a suitcase (small), a carry on (international size) and a personal item (camera bag).  We checked the bag at the ticket counter and made out way to the gate.  Security was about what you would expect: take off your shoes, belt, empty pockets, step into the scanner with arms up, step out, get wanded, then be rushed out because there are more people coming.  There were like three chairs for you to put your shoes back on.  The laptop, tablet, cell phone, laptop all needed to come out.  Not sure why, but the camera was spared from leaving its confines.  A table area for people to put their stuff back would be nice.

We got everything together and headed for the gate, luggage and my belt in hand. Ugh.

Lunch at National Coney Island

We saw a food place down near the gate.  When we got to it, we saw that it was a National Coney Island.  What could be more American than food that you know is not good for you?  Finding metal fragments in your Hani.  I wish I was kidding.

Large Hani Delux at National Coney Island
Large Hani Delux at National Coney Island

I ordered a large classic hani deluxe.  I guess I looked low on my metal intake for the day.  Found a hard bit in my pita.  Unfortunately, it was not a bit of grizzle, but a bit of metal about the size of a dime.  They brought out a new plate of food and the manager was apologetic.  He said that they were looking for the source, but were not finding it.  He ended up comping both our meals.  I left with no less money, but concerned that my entire trip would be in a surgical bay tending to shredded intestines.  Thankfully, that turned out not to be the case.  Didn’t even set off a metal detector the entire trip.

I normally have a very good experience with National Coney Islands near home, but I also do not eat there on a regular basis.

The boarding was kinda nice.  We opted for the larger seats, Premium Economy.  This sat before coach.  Usually, everyone boards before I do.  Just the luck of the draw, but not today.  Hehe.

The seats were nice enough.  I am not a small nor slim guy.  The seats were still kind of tight.  I could not imagine sitting in coach for the entire ride over.  First class was too expensive, but I definitely gave it some serious thought.

Next, the plane ride aka How I learned to relax and love the plane…


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