This site is to chronicle the adventures and misadventures of Becky and Jason.  Two people from the mid-western United States detailing their trips, planning, technology, mistakes, mishaps, tips, tricks, the need to travel and the actual experiences.  While some events or items may be sponsored, more often than not, the trips are on our own dime.  We will call out anything sponsored when they come up.

Real reviews of places to see and eat, things to do and where to rest your head at the end of each day.  Anything else would not be in our nature.  If you have suggestions on places to go and, most importantly, eat, let us know.  A new adventure is always welcome.

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Jason is the founder of UnderwoodMedia.com, co-blogger for WanderlustAndReality.com, Tech Dork, Photography Enthusiast, Problem Solver, and Movie Buff with an interest in Anthropology. He doesn’t mind running full tilt into new situations, figuring things out and making friends along the way. Old Enemy: Stairs.

European Trip – Getting to the airport, food, and the plane
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Becky is the main blogger at Week99er.com, founder of Bloggersdo.com, an adjunct Interior Design Instructor and a beekeeper. Wanderlust is part of her life, and a struggle between being responsible and doing her jobs or finding the quickest way to sink her toes in the sand.